Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Flash Fiction Contest

Welcome to the Halloween Flash Fiction Contest!!!

As some of you may know, Lykaia began as a flash fiction piece last October. So, in honor of its release lets have a bit of Halloween themed flash fiction fun!

Lykaia : Book One of the Sophia Katsaros Series

Here is how the contest will work….

  • There will be one contest each week for the month of October. 
  • That is 5 contests. 
  • The winners from the first 4 contests will compete for the grand prize on Halloween. 
  • The maximum number of submission will be 25. I have put limit on the submissions so that this does not get out of hand.

Follow the link below to the Facebook Event and message me your short story

Facebook Event Link

Story Guidelines

  • There is a limit of 1500 words or less.
  • All stories must be Halloween themed. That can include horror stories that scare the pants off of us, ghost stories or tales of the Paranormal.  

I will post the stories here, on my blog


  • Anyone can vote, but one vote per person. 
  • Simply leave a comment for your favorite story. 
  • The story with the most comments wins. 
  • There will be one winner per week. 
  • Voting will open Monday of each week at 9AM. (If we reach our story limit early, I reserve the right to open voting early) 
  • Voting closes 9AM on Wednesday (central standard time)  


  • Only one win per writer. 
  • Once a writer has won a contest, they cannot enter the following weeks.
  • Sharing the event is fine. Trolling for votes is not. Please do not canvas your social contacts for votes. Lets try to keep this a meritorious contest, not a popularity contest. 
  • You cannot vote for yourself.  
  • The blog will not accept anonymous or unknown votes.
  • Voting for the final round on Halloween will be limited to writers who have submitted stories. A jury of your peers, so to speak.


The Grand Prize Winner on Halloween will receive...
  •  over 20 books, in ebook, paperback and hardcovers form. 
  • A $50.00 Amazon Gift Certificate
  • A coupon for 15% off of an editing package (its up to the writer to decide if they want to use it. I am not endorsing them)

*Note* if you wish to donate to the list of prizes, please message me on Facebook. Once the winner has been decided I will put that person in contact with the donors so that all the prizes go directly to the winner. Please do not send anything to me.

Lets have some fun!

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