Entry #4 Thanksgiving by Paul Freeman
“Whore! Harlot! Look! see there! Look at the fallen woman, see how she parades her shame in the face of God and all honest folk,” the old preacher screamed his tirade from a plinth set up in the town square so that he could preach to the God fearin’ folk of the frontier town.
“Don’t listen to him, Abigail, you know he only hates you because you spurned his advances and refused to marry him.”
“I know, but his barbs find their mark all the same,” Abigail said to her sister, tears glistening in her eyes. The two girls hurried, arms linked, from the square with the hems of their dresses dragging in the mud and the preacher’s taunts ringing in their ears, unable to avoid the scornful eyes of the townsfolk on their backs.
“Let he… or she who has forsaken God feel the heat of Hell’s fiery flames. Let her burn. See, see how she turns from the words of our Saviour. See how she scurries when I brandish the good book.” He held aloft a tattered, leather covered bib…

The Magic of Stories

Entry #3 The Magic of Stories by Sharon Van Orman
People always complain about Thanksgiving being forgotten between Halloween and Christmas. They grumble and post silly memes on social media for a bit but they always move on. They don’t remember, we made sure of that. It was the only way to keep everyone from going mad. But there are only seven of us left and the spell is weakening. If this continues they will remember soon, God help us.
23 November 1823 Boston Massachusetts, USA
“Moore!,” the man yelled, shaking his friend. “You’ve got to pull it together! This will take all of our strength.”
“How are we do to do this, Livingston?’ Moore asked, taking his wire rimmed glasses from his face. He wiped them on his shirt front without thinking. The moment he popped them back on his face the scarlet smear of blood on the white linen was so shocking that once again, all he could do was stand there and blink in confusion.
“I thought you said your friend was powerful, Livingston,” Martha said, as s…

Extracts from the diary of James Cooper, 1816.

Entry #2 Extracts from the diary of James Cooper, 1816. by Scott Butcher
Being the 1st of June, 1816 It be that I have heard news that the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, Major Francis Gore, has declared a Thanksgiving to be the date of Our Lord the 6th day of this June. The celebration is for the termination of the war that had raged hereabouts. This event has injured me. I feel so that I am compelled to write these diary words, not having done so before. I press the rose, as proof herein. For instead of Thanksgiving, which no man greater than I should wont, I feel an illness, a trepidation approach. I write these words as witness, for I should be thankful. Did not I stand by my brothers, both heathen and militia, to fight back the invaders in bloody skirmishes most awful in the region of Niagara? This ball that I carry, that had pierced my chest – I should give Thanksgiving of that. On that day as we fought against others most foul, who invaded our lands, pillaging and burning, my …

Death Cap - A Thanksgiving Horror Story

Flash Fiction 11-10-17 Entry #1   Death Cap - A Thanksgiving Horror Story  By Dean Sault
“Daddy. Is this a good one?” “Hang on Elsie, I’ll be right there. Don’t touch it. It might be poison.” The young father arrived at his daughter’s side to examine her mushroom. “Oh, Elsie, that one looks great. Good eyes. You can add it to your sack.” The child slid a small spatula-like knife under the base of the mushroom, just as she had been taught, and delivered it to the canvas bag in her wicker basket. After a morning of hunting wild mushrooms in the wilderness of Northwest California, the family of four returned to their remote cabin to take stock of their good fortune. They each dumped their mushrooms into a large bowl at the center of the table. “Good job, kids. Wash up while mom and I select some for dinner.” As soon as the children were out of earshot, their mother began her familiar complaints. “Jacob, this is a waste of time. You know as well as I do, I’m not going to change my m…
Eve: Book One of Eden's Exiles - Release date August 1st, 2017
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Has Mr. Gray killed Mr. Darcy?

My mother once told me that I should write romance novels. She said they sell really well and if I want to become rich and famous, that would be the way to do it. I informed her that I tend to kill my characters off which would make for a very short love story. 
While I don't write love stories I do truly believe in the fairy tale. I love every ounce of cheesy goodness to the point where if it was a literal thing I have orange residue on my fingertips. The flowers, the poems, the goofy texts...all of it...sign me up.
Tonight while making dinner I had the sad cause to wonder if Mr. Gray may have killed Mr. Darcy. One of my daughters was sitting at the table with her girlfriends talking. I was only halfway listening when the friend began to describe a movie. Words like submissive and dom caught my attention. These girls are 13 & 14. When I was that age the only dom I had knowledge of was Dom...inos Pizza. 
I stopped what I was doing and had a conversation about what is appropri…

Lazarus Code

“I am Ryder of the Pentimalli, a member of the first families and Captain of the deep space exploration vessel, Serendipity.”
In the centuries since our forefathers tamed an uncivilized land and revolted from a King we had grown complacent. When our government waged cyber war on us the spirit of those long dead patriots was ignited, sparking a second revolutionary war.
It was then that the First Families were born. Genetically enhanced humans who carried within our blood stream nano-bots that repair and regenerate. We were meant to be the record keepers. The vanguard of our species as we spread across time and space.
I have returned home after a decades long mission to find Earth devastated by the Weeping Death. A disease that has made it possible for the dead to rise. With the help of my brothers and my crew we will find who is responsible. They expected us to be complacent. They were wrong. 
Coming May 8th from Lir Press.