Entry # A4

Billy Carver
Jason Mueller and Christy Lynn Foster

Billy watched the ghastly scene play out before his eyes in the low light. Halloween was his favorite holiday of the year. He loved costumes, candy, and being scared. His parents had told him he couldn’t go trick-or-treating this year because he was fourteen now and “too old”. How could you be too old for fun?, he thought. He decided a Halloween movie could be fun. Despite what his parents said, he was going to enjoy tonight.  

The doorbell rang. He stopped watching the grisly murder-in-progress and stalked to the door. Yanking the door wide open, he was face-to-face with a princess. "Hi," she cooed, standing there in all her glorious splendor. “Trick or treat?”

“Oh look, a beautiful princess!” Billy exclaimed with well-practiced fake happiness, dumping a handful of Tootsie Rolls into the bag she held up to him. Her crown slid forward on her head, causing her to jerk the bag around and spilling the chocolate treats on the porch. Annoyed, but still polite, like any good boy should be, he helped her pick them up and shoved them into her bag.

“Umm, nice costume. You look really scary,” she said as he slammed the door ending the disturbance.

I don’t even have a costume on! Stupid little kids always trying to kiss an older kid’s ass. Lame, he thought nearly speaking aloud to the empty room out of pure aggravation. How dare she interrupt his Halloween movie?

The movie was immediately unpaused as he stepped back into the living room. The killer wielded a butcher knife and continued finishing off his victims. Billy watched in utter fascination as the killer did his work slashing and cutting, sending blood splatters in crazy patterns. The folks on CSI would give up in confusion or make a case-study out of his work if they saw it. He carved their faces, turning them into human jack o'lanterns; the killer was going to make sure they celebrated Halloween too.

Looks like they get a trick and the killer gets a treat, Billy thought with a chuckle.

Billy watched in silent awe as the killer, who he could never quite see, dragged the bodies to the dining room and placed them at the table. The father in his chair at the end, the mother to his left, and another young woman slumped lazily in her chair to the right. Happy little family.

Billy wondered if the young woman had a brother that she treated the same way his sick bitch of a sister always did him. Walking around half-naked, taunting him with comments like, “What are you looking at, perv?” when flashing him, sneaking her boyfriends into the house, and breaking all the rules. When mom and dad were out at the Knights of Columbus, she would screw whatever loser dredges she found on the street anywhere from the couch, kitchen, and even Billy’s own room. The poster child of perfection to her folks, always going to confession and pretending to be their angel, but took every chance she could to walk in on him in the bathroom or randomly touch him in ways a sister should not touch her baby brother. He was never any trouble, but always treated like the bad one. I bet the killer wouldn’t take that!, Billy mused angrily.

The killer finally had his project in place and went rummaging through the house trying to find candles. After what seemed like forever to Billy, the candles were lit and glowing on top of their heads. The killer screamed and cursed waving the knife like a conductor of a twisted symphony. Something must not be right with his creation.

He left the family in place and came back with an assortment of tools. In true festive pumpkin-carving technique, the killer hummed happily as he cut a section of scalp off the top of the father’s head, exposing the skull. Then, using a small saw he attempted to cut the top off the skull but the stupid head flopped back and forth. There is nothing duct tape can’t fix! The exasperated killer taped the father’s head to the chair to steady it and went back to work with the skull. Layers of bone seemed to disappear in seconds with the handy saw.

The killer then used a spoon straight from the kitchen to scoop out the insides of the skull. Instead of pumpkin seeds, pulp, and slimy fibrous strands, it was brain matter, blood, and nerves. What once served the family spaghetti or mashed potatoes, now served up daddy’s brains. To complete the job properly, the killer also removed the father’s eyes. With a sickening splat, they hit the hardwood floor, bounced slightly, then rolled under the table leaving a sticky red trail behind.

Once that part was complete, the killer placed the candle inside the hollowed out cranium and stood back to admire his handy-work. Yes, much better. Now the light glowed through like a true jack o’lantern. The killer moved next to the mother, leaving the young woman to be the finale of his collection of Halloween-themed trophies.

Diiiiiiiiiing Doooooooooooooooong!

Dammit!! Another sudden ring of the unwelcomed doorbell disgusted Billy. He had purposely shut off the porch light when the first beggar went away in the hopes of being left alone for the rest of the night. Why couldn’t these stupid trick-or-treaters just go away? Didn’t they realize they were ruining Billy’s Halloween movie?

He stalked angrily to the door and flung it open and there on the porch stood Andrew, one of his sisters many conquests. “Hey douche bag, where’s your sister?” he asked with his usual look of lazy contempt. He didn’t care about anything or anyone. Pathetic loser.  

“She’s kinda busy right now, but you can wait for her if you want.” Billy said, stepping back to allow Andrew to enter. Andrew strutted in, the typical jock with his “I’m-better-than-you” mentality.

“Why are all the lights off in here? What are you doing sittin’ the dark? Pullin’ your pud?” the idiot mocked.

“No I was just watching a movie.”

“You don’t even have the TV on dumbass.” Andrew sneered. Billy just wanted Andrew to leave; he needed to get back to the movie. The killer was just getting to the good part. Andrew, standing there like an idiot, was wasting his precious time.

The movie started again much to Billy’s dismay as he watched the killer and the blade dance through the darkness wildly toward Andrew hoping to add to the congregation in the dining room. The killer jumped onto Andrews back slashing away in a rage but the brute strength of the football player was too much for him. In a rush of pain and adrenaline, Andrew flipped the killer sprawling him to the floor.

“What the hell!” Andrew screamed at the silent figure on the floor. He staggered to the wall, fumbling in the darkness for the light switch. Light flooded the room, causing him momentary blindness. Once his eyes began to work again, he slowly approached the body on the floor.

“Billy? My God, BILLY?!” With a quivering blood covered arm, he nudged Billy’s shoulder, but there was no movement. Then he noticed the tip of the knife sticking out of Billy’s side.

“Oh shit! Billy, I’m sorry!” Andrew sobbed as he turned the body over and gasped at the horrible damage the knife had done to Billy's body. It wasn’t nice and neat like on TV or in movies. The knife had penetrated Billy’s little body and the force of the impact caused the blade to slash sideways, skewering him. Billy was a mangled, bloody mess and his barren eyes stared straight at Andrew.

Freaking out, he called for Billy’s sister. “Amy!” he shouted over and over.

He staggered upstairs finding a bloody mess on her bed. Horrified, he made his way back downstairs and headed to the kitchen. When he entered the dining room he found Amy and her parents sitting at the table with mutilated faces and a candle burning in their father’s skull in a macabre tribute to the night of tricks or treats.

“My God, Billy. What have you done?”

Andrew pissed his designer jeans and ran from the house screaming incoherently into the darkness. He tripped and fell onto the lawn. Little trick-or-treaters gathered around watching him curl up in the yard, sobbing and screaming. A miniature Iron Man silently walked up to the older boy; he looked down with vacant eyes behind the plastic mask, with all his might kicked Andrew in the face. Then a little girl dressed as Hannah Montana joined in with tiny swift kicks to his body. Then Batman, Spongebob, the princess, a zombie, and many others descended on the boy. Within minutes, the swarm disbanded and skipped back off to their night of fun, happily shouting, “Trick or treat!”

Andrew lay dead on the grass. Just another gruesome Halloween decoration.


  1. hmm... I thought I commented earlier O.o anyway- I like this one - it is creepy! :)

  2. You guys rock! Good luck!

    Jim Henry

  3. Y'all rock! This one get's my vote #A4

  4. Please add my vote to #4. A very creative and creepy story perfect for Halloween!

  5. Very cool story! I vote for #4

  6. Gruesome and creepy! Love the twist at the end! Job well done, Jason and Christy! I vote for story #A4!

  7. Hope my vote counts I vote for this one!

  8. So creepy! Great twist at the end. I vote for A4!

  9. Well written. Very gruesome. Good description - way too easy to picture.

  10. This one defos wins my vote! Did not see that one coming!

  11. I actually read and Loved this story. You have my VOTE and you guys ROCK my SOCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. LOVE this one!! Creepy times a ZILLION!!

  13. OMG Awesome story!!!! I definitely definitely vote for this one!!!! AWESOME!!!

  14. Hands down this one! Rocks my face off!

  15. This one was awesome...and creepy!!! I vote for #4!!!

  16. Yay for creepy stories with a twist!:D

  17. I vote a thousand times for # A4 !!!!

  18. This one gets my vote. Truly the best I have seen.

  19. Wow!! Love it!! This one gets my vote...very creepy!!!

  20. I LOVED this story! So creepy! The part where you realized that Billy's "movie" was real? A perfect twist!

    This totally gets my vote.

  21. love how the killer gets a treat too... ;) voting for #4

  22. I am def voting for this one Entry # A4! I love these contest! Keep them coming!

  23. awesome story!!! i vote for #4!

  24. I love it! Creeeeeeeepy! You have my vote.

  25. thank you very much Guys i cant tell you how much it means to Christy and I!


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