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Harper Collins Review of Lykaia

Hello everyone,

As most of you know I posted a partial of Lykaia on Harper Collins' site It is a site for writers and basically serves as the slush-pile for HC. Each month the top 5 books are selected for editorial review by an HC editor.

When I first uploaded Lykaia, the last day of December 2011,  its entry rank was around 5600. Within 2 weeks it was 152 and by the end of the first month it was #10. It was selected as the #1 book on the site in March.

Generally, the reviews take months to come in, but today I received my review! I'm not unhappy with it. They said Lykaia was publishable and marketable. Which are good things. And keeping in mind that I wrote this in 7 weeks for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writer's Month) and while I edited for punctuation and grammar I've made no changes to the story. So, Lykaia in its current form is still a first draft.

Also, I recently signed a three book deal with Spore Press!  Lykaia will be traditionally published …
To My Unknown Friends…. Happy is he who...writes from the love of imparting certain thoughts and not from the necessity of sale-who writes always to the unknown friend. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

 I am a writer, though I would never aspire to be an author. It is a term that seems far above what I do. Which is to say that I write so that the stories in my head quite down a bit so that I can navigate my life.

Last October I wrote a Halloween themed Flash Fiction piece called “Lykaia”. The story evolved from the Greek Myth of King Lykaonas who was cursed by Zeus to become a wolf. The very first werewolf. In fact the term Lycanthropy comes from this myth.

In November I entered Lykaia into the National Novel Writers Month contest or NaNoWriMo. I finished the book just before Christmas at around 83,000 words. I then took the finished novel and uploaded it to Authonomy in January. It was selected in March for the editor’s desk.

A couple of weeks ago I began the submission process. …