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The Sophia Katsaros Series

From the very beginning Lykaia was a story that took hold of me and refused to let go. I first found the myth of King Lykaonas several years ago whilst doing research for an historical fiction novel set in ancient Greece. I didn’t have a reason to use that myth but the notion of stayed with me.
Last October I entered a Flash Fiction contest.Since it was Halloween themed I thought a werewolf story would work well.  I finally had the chance to incorporate this myth that had intrigued me so much. The prologue in my novel Lykaia is flash fiction piece that I wrote.
But the Lykaonas wolves were not content with a 1000 word flash fiction piece. They demanded a novel. So, I wrote one. Along the way I found a strong, intelligent and sometimes irreverent female main character named Sophia Katsaros. And like the wolves, she demanded more. She was not content with just one book. She wanted a series.
I am thrilled to announce the publication of Lykaia. Book one in the Sophia Katsaros Series.