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Has Mr. Gray killed Mr. Darcy?

My mother once told me that I should write romance novels. She said they sell really well and if I want to become rich and famous, that would be the way to do it. I informed her that I tend to kill my characters off which would make for a very short love story. 
While I don't write love stories I do truly believe in the fairy tale. I love every ounce of cheesy goodness to the point where if it was a literal thing I have orange residue on my fingertips. The flowers, the poems, the goofy texts...all of it...sign me up.
Tonight while making dinner I had the sad cause to wonder if Mr. Gray may have killed Mr. Darcy. One of my daughters was sitting at the table with her girlfriends talking. I was only halfway listening when the friend began to describe a movie. Words like submissive and dom caught my attention. These girls are 13 & 14. When I was that age the only dom I had knowledge of was Dom...inos Pizza. 
I stopped what I was doing and had a conversation about what is appropri…