Entry # B20

"The Corn Maze"
Matthew Christopher Nelson

On the outskirts of a small village along the Texas-Mexico border...

Mike had just finished his late Friday night shift at the diner and wasn't ready to go home and spend the evening with his parents and little brother. He'd just gotten a car the week prior and he was aching to pick his girlfriend, Rachel, out and do something fun.

As Mike punched out of the time clock, he looked up to see Rachel waiting outside with the rest of his friends. He smirked as he got to the door.

"I see how it is. You guys are only capable of showing your asses when I get a set of wheels, but just last week, you all were unable to return my phone calls?" Mike teased as he wrapped his arms around Rachel and planted a firm kiss on her lips.

Letting out a slight purr, Rachel replied, "So, it's Friday night, we have absolutely nothing planned tonight. What are we doing, oh darling?"

Pulling out a piece of paper, Mike unfolded it from his back pocket and handed it to Rachel as he spoke. "I want to go here!"

Mike's best friend, Craig, leaned over the side of the truck and looked over Rachel's shoulder and read aloud.

"S.Hain Farms' Corn Maze....come experience the fun and terror of the Haunted Corn Maze...with Hay Rides...admission is just three bones. Sound's cool to me!"

With unanimous cries of "Sounds awesome"l, Mike nodded as he and Rachel got into his truck with the rest sat in the bed of the truck. "The Corn Maze it is."

It took about three hours to get there, with the last stretch being a long winding dirt road. Marking the exit was a sign that said "S.Hain's Corn Maze". Mike maneuvered his truck and navigated the side road until he finally came to an old white barn with an older gentleman sitting in a rocking chair smoking a cigar.

"You youngun's must be here fer the maze, right? Well then, park yer car and pay the devil his due boys. Just three dollars a person...except the pretty little gal, she can go fer free."

Blushing, Rachel blurted out, "Why thank-you. I guess I have an admirer."

"Since I just got paid, let me pay for you all...my treat." Mike smiled proudly as he spoke. Looking back at the old man, he replied, "So, I guess I owe you twelve bucks." He reached in and pulled a ten and two single bills.

Smiling, the old man accepted the money and slipped it in his shirt pocket. "Go have some fun." Mike and the rest of the gang ran off down the road and stepped into the corn maze.

The old man walked over to Mike's truck and nodded. He lifted up a walkie-talkied and spoke, "OK, Jim, you can tow it away." Moments later, a massive tow truck drove up, hooked Mike's truck to it, and hauled it away.

Smiling, the old man mused, "They won' be needing it anymore." He turned and walked towards the corn maze as well. The moment he stepped foot into the corn maze, he vanished into the earth.

Mike and the rest of his friends eventually made it to the center of the maze that night.

The prize for it? The ground beneath their feet opened up all around them and swallowed them whole.

Such are the events of S. Hain's Farm....Samhain's Farm, that is.


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