Entry # B1

Delight Night.
T. J. Edison.

I love Halloween, my time for fun, my sort of fun that is; as my sort of “trick or treat” is “I trick and treat me”.

It had to be in the dark; after sundown, otherwise I'd get a bad dose of sunburn. You may wonder why I say that, well, read on and you’ll find out.

Putting it simply, it’s not every night you see a skimpily-dressed, curvy blonde, and I mean really skimpy; no undies’, low-cut mini-dress, and by curvy I mean ‘F’ cup-without-the bra-valley-cleavage-curvy, walking hesitantly (snigger) with a white stick, tapping her way along a dimly-lit street with her hand outstretched in angst and desperation.

You get the picture? Yes, I’m blind, no kidding, it’s a trick of nature.

This is nothing particular to Halloween though, it’s my usual ploy, pretending to be frightened and “in need”, but on Halloween, I really get a kick out of it, as it happens repeatedly, till dawn in fact.

Yes, Halloween is a really fun time for me, I get really bloated.

At first I would hear a voice from some well-meaning guy, and it’s -“Hello, are you lost?”

(Me) “Yes, I seem to have lost my way, I was on my way to the bus station (which is miles away).”

“I know a short cut,” he’ll say, and it’s usually down a dark alleyway.

Then its, “I like your dress, it’s very revealing.”

So I say, in all innocence, “Really, I haven’t seen it, is it nice?”

You can guess where he’s looking, as he says, “You aren’t wearing any underwear.”

It’s then I lay it on, “Does that bother you?”

“N-n-no.” (They always stutter at this point.)

“Would you like to see more,” I ask and slide my dress up to my neck.

Then I can hear his pulse race when I say, “I’m so lonely, nobody wants me, I need loving, lots of loving.”

As you can imagine, one thing leads to another and we have a ball, so to speak, and I get to kill two birds with one stone; really, every time.

When looking back, I laugh when I think about the excuse the guy will give his wife when he gets home looking pale and tired with a whopping great love-bite on a punctured neck after having had his way with me.

They say being blind, especially on Halloween, has its disadvantages.

Maybe, but not if you’re a vampire.


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