Entry #A16

Last Will and Testament



Leanna’s face is smiling and serene, nothing like the look she’d had when I killed her. Of course it’s kind of hard to achieve that damn passivity when someone is beating the shit out of you with a crowbar. Not that Leanna was ever a calm one then. If she was, she’d probably still be alive, but hey, that’s another story. Right now I just wanna know what the hell she’s doing staring at me from my cup of hot cocoa.

I’m sitting in one of those overpriced coffee shops. It’s getting hard to ride around without running into one of these damn stores. Even though I don’t drink the fancy stuff with the stupid names, I needed something hot, and cocoa was just about the only thing I recognized on the menu. 

I’m getting distracted again, where was I? Oh yeah. Leanna’s in my cup. She did promise me she was gonna make me suffer but I was already suffering, that’s why I snuffed her.

Leanna’s been dead a good nine years so I figure maybe I’m just tired. I been on the road for days this time, and my head’s about as numb as my ass from riding that damn Hog. I really just wanna stir this cup of cocoa, but in the back of my mind I’m wondering --what if she’s still there when I’m done.

I’m not one to flip out over shit. You can’t be in my line of business if you’re high strung. So I figure I’ll just ask the right questions. I flag down a girl who’s walking by, wearing the store uniform.

“Hon, is it me or is there a face in my cocoa?”

The kid laughs for a quick second, (that laugh you give old folks who can’t find the power button on the computer) and then says to me, “Yeah, my brother Vinnie does that. He’s good, too bad we can’t afford art school.” She points at the kid behind the counter and I look over in time to see him playing in another cup with a coffee stirrer.

“Any idea who that’s supposed to be?”

The girl looks at my cup real hard and then shakes her head.

“Nah but I’ll ask him. He usually does someone who’s in here.”

Some guy walks in the store right then and gives her the 'hurry up' face, so I figure I’ll let her get on with her life.

“Never mind, I’ll ask him myself.” 

I pick the cup up and walk over to the counter. Vinnie is handing over a fancy-pants-achino or whatever, to a customer and I’ll be dammed if the face in the cup ain’t his homely ass wife. She’s standing there beaming at him like she seen the Mona Lisa in the mirror.

I gotta give him credit, the little Em-Effer has talent. I put my cup down in front of him so he can get a good look at it.

“This here’s a real good job, son.” I smile and he smiles back, a young kid, still got life in his eyes.

“Thanks Mister. Glad you like it.. but I didn’t want you to like it too much to drink it.”

“I just wanted to know who this was supposed to be, If I drank it I wernt sure you’d remember as good.”

The kid looked a little confused. He checked around the store right quick and then looked back to me. 

“She’s not with you, sir? I thought I saw you come in together.”

“This lady is in the store?”

“She was right next to you in line. Kept looking at you real sweet like. That’s why I did it.”

“What’s your last name kid? So I can say I knew you when?”

“DiNetti. “ The kid blushes, obviously he don’t get compliments often.

I tip Vinnie a couple of bucks and then sat back down with that damn cocoa. I stir it real good and real long until Leanna’s face is gone, then I drink that cocoa like it’s the last thing I’ll ever taste. It just might be. 

I write myself two letters, right then. One of them is instructions on how to find my stash, all eighteen million dollars. I stick a key in that one. The other one is to my lawyer telling him if anything happens to me, he needs to mail out my first letter. 

When I’m getting ready to leave Vinnie comes over to me.

“Hey mister, that lady?? She’s out there sitting on your Harley.”

I walk out the door and cross the street to the mailbox. I wish I could be around to see Vinnie get that letter. That kid deserves to go to art school. Leanna has never looked better than she did in that cup.


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