Entry # A22

Broken angel
Ramsha Rehan

            Spring, a time when the sky would be brilliant, serene ,sapphire blue, contrasting the sun. Butterflies of violet, lavender, purple, black, blue, of every colour imaginable would flap their decorative wings, while hovering over the bunch of flowers and sip the nectar from flowers. The flowers in the main field would vary from bluebells to sunflowers to buttercups, dangling like bells over the surface, smiling appreciatively at the Sun.
            That was how spring was supposed to be instead the land lay broken beyond repair. Trees had been ripped from their roots, the field of flowers was now charred and carcasses of birds lay on the ground. Worst of all the sky's colour had changed from brilliant blue to a frightening scarlet. In plain and simple words: planet Earth was dying.
            You might be wondering who I am.....well my name is Ella Cosmos and I'm an angel. I was banished to earth for a crime which I no longer remember (it was erased from my memory).I was there when this all happened. I watched people suffer and scream in agony and then finally die. I didn't care, I didn't want to be involved because my immortality would only leave me at a disadvantage if I made any ties with these people....but all of this changed that day.
            I had seen him two years ago. His raven coloured was slightly spiked at the back and his bright blue eyes had reminded me of the colour of the never ending sky. His tight shirt showed what some girls of this generation would say “ a six pack”. He had created his own sexy and bad boy image with just a single impression. It annoyed me, he didn't even try to make himself noticeable and yet he caught the attention of every girl he walked by. I who hadn't wanted to be seen but had been trying to do so at one point wasn't able to succeed. Before I knew it the boy turned around and his gaze met my now surprised one. Horrible images of what he would do stained my mind, the worst case scenario would have been me being reported to the authorities. Yet all he did was wave and smile. A smile that made my heart skip a beat. This simple gesture had shown me all I needed to know about the nature of this man and it was also all it took for me to fall in love with him.

            So I did what any shunned angel would have done, I stalked him.

            I eventually learned by watching this man that not all humanity was corrupted and evil. My heart learned to love finally freeing itself from  the fortress of  hate that it had surrounded itself with . I enrolled in the same high school he went to. I found out everything there was to know about him, his name was Tristan, he had come from a broken family and he was a player. With a little hard work I was finally able to do it and became his best friend. Yet I longed to be touched the way he touched other girls. I know I should have told him but I didn't, I couldn't I was afraid of being hated and labelled as a freak. Oh and I didn't confess my love either.
            Those two years were the best ones I had in a millennia. So lost in my own happiness and joy I had forgotten the cardinal rule of being an angel.

                                                “Always be ready no matter what”

            Today the school was infiltrated by angels. They weren't your average angels, God had sent his fury in the form of his two most powerful archangels: Michael and Gabriel. At exactly 09.00 a.m an explosion took the main hall of the school building. We were lead to evacuate but I stayed knowing that this was what I had to do. They stood in my way, blocking me from those that were in need of help after the explosion. I charged at both but held back not wanting to hurt them since I myself had been an archangel before my banishment. The three of us together were God's strongest trio. They on the other hand showed no mercy Michael kneed me hard in the stomach and Gabriel punched me in the face. I staggered back as blood dripped from my nose, for the first time in quite a while I felt physical pain .
             I looked at my opponents, Michael's eyes were tearing up and Gabriel's were seeking forgiveness. I was about to unfurl my wings and take to the sky back to heaven to receive the punishment for falling in love with a human but something shot past me. A table and chair struck the archangels but they didn't flinch.
            I slowly turned around but Gabriel ,being the hothead he is, was quicker. It was like watching a 3D movie in slow motion. The hotheaded archangel's sword pierced the skin of the boy straight through his heart. The boy raised his head and my heart shattered into pieces while I took in ragged breaths, it was him, Tristan.
            He had stood up for me only to let himself be killed instead. Tears fell from my eyes as Tristan stood with the sword through his chest. I didn't care what God would think of me and rushed to his side as he fell. His lips held the same smile they had 2 years ago while his lips moved  slowly and made me stop in my tracks. I couldn't believe it.
            His form hit the floor and the pain exploded , I was suffocating. My knuckles were white as I clenched my hands and cursed the heavens along with the god that I had now forsaken. My wings which were white now were as black as night. I took out a sword and in a flash cut Gabriel with it, he turned to ash the instant it touched his bare skin. I didn't feel an ounce of regret, hatred blazed through me as I faced Michael along with the Sword Of Immortality in my right hand, which was said to be the only weapon ever made that could kill an angel and God. Michael tried to run and warn the others but my power was fuelled by something stronger: emotions like anger and pain. I rushed past him and cut off his arm only to see him writhe in pain for a second before he turned into ash.
            Without a moment of hesitation, I took to the skies flapping my wings harder as memories of Tristan cursed my head. I had entered the gates of heaven an hour ago and when I walked out all that was left was an empty torn apart place with no sign of souls or better yet angels. The place was now filled with ash had no essence of an angel left behind. I gracefully jumped off heaven and flew back to earth, my emotions still not calm. Tears were cascading down my muddy cheeks, I looked down and saw the horrible state of the ever loving green earth which was now reduced to a hell hole. I didn't care, it was my fault but I wasn't going to fix it not because I couldn't but instead out of hate. God created such a beautiful planet and yet he made Tristan's life so sad it broke my heart. Tristan's name caused the sobs to return. I screamed and kept doing so for a few painstaking seconds ,he had meant the world to me, so why did he have to be so stupid and say that only to leave me in the end. I cried myself to sleep with only my memories of him to keep me company. His words kept echoing in the wind around me as the sky dulled into it's original dark shade.

I'll always love you my little angel....”


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