Entry # B7

Mirror Mirror
Debra Elliott

Mirror, mirror.... Jax watched and listened to the pretty teenaged girl recite her request into the antique mirror.

Mirror, mirror in my bedroom, send forth a handsome bridegroom. Silly girl, he thought. The mirror had been in his family for centuries. He was charged with the task of guarding the mirrored portal and whomever possessed it.

The reflective glass fell into the hands of seventeen-year-old Megan, a flitty teenager who believed in Ouija Boards and Bloody Mary. She and her girlfriends were constantly in front of the mirror asking for something.

Jax wasn't thrilled. There was nothing he could do, after all he was a ghost. Jax wasn't allowed to enter the human world unless something evil happened or Megan summoned him directly.

He continued to spy on the pretty Megan as she primped for school. She pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail, applied lipstick to her full lips, and kissed the mirror leaving behind a bright, hot pink stain.

Jax touched his lips to the spot where hers had been. He had gotten too close to this charge and in his world that meant danger and possible death for Megan. It also meant he could be banished to another realm.

"Spying on her again Jax?" A foreboding voice startled him.

"Slag, what are you doing here?"

Slag had been sent to Wormwood as punishment. He was accused of killing a group of trick-or-treaters. A purple, jagged scar marked his ashen face to distinguish him from white ghosts.

Jax knew Slag was trolling for young girls. How was he going to protect Megan from the monster that lived inside Slag?

"Just looking, just looking," he smirked.

"Like hell you are!" This girl is off limits and you know it Slag."

Slag let out a sinister laugh. "We'll see about that Jax."

He was gone before Jax could warn him again to stay away from Megan.


Megan slung her back-pack over her shoulder and headed home from school. It was Halloween and tonight her girlfriends would come over. She had everything planned for a night of frightening fun. Megan planned to summon the ghost in the mirror.

Ding dong. Megan ran downstairs to answer the door. Her girlfriends entered.

"Hi ya Megan," they chimed. "Got everything ready," the giggled.

"Yep, upstairs."

Her room was dark, except for a few black lit candles. The mood was eerie.
"Cool," one girl said.

Megan filled orange plastic cups with tomato juice.

"Here," she handed each girl a cup. "Drink this blood and we shall begin the séance.”

The girls giggled as they drank the liquid concoction.

Four girls stood in front of the mirror and joined hands. Their reflections were shadowed by the glow of the candle light. The girls chanted in unison, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary bring forth something scary.”

The mirror shook, they jumped back.

“See, I told you we shouldn't play around like that,” Regina said. “I'm going home. See ya tomorrow Megan.

“Regina, wait. It's only a game silly.”

“My mom said...”

'Whatever, go on home then. The rest of you want to leave too?”

The other girls shook their head and followed Regina's lead.

“Be a bunch of wussies then. See if I care!”

Megan slammed her bedroom door, blew out the candles and crawled into bed. She didn't notice the miniscule crack in the mirror.


Jax watched and listened as the girls summoned evil. He knew what would happen next if Slag got through the portal. Jax scanned the mirror for cracks, but didn't see anything visible. He breathed a sigh of relief and waved his hand to release the mirror's powers. Megan was safe for now.


Slag had been waiting for his chance to enter Megan's world. The tiny crack in the mirror provided the perfect opportunity. She and her friends had summoned him. He waved his hand and the mirror illuminated. Slag still had power, but only when someone conjured evil. He slipped through the portal and into Megan's bedroom. The girl was asleep, her breathing soft, at least for the moment.

Slag hovered over her, ready to attack. He weaved his evil spirit into her dream. Megan's breathing labored, her body broke out in a sweat. Excellent. Slag savored this moment. Her body began to writhe. She would soon be his. Innocent Megan would soon become an evil spirit.


Megan had the breath knocked out of her by something heavy. She tried to scream, but her voice was muted. Help me.... She panicked. Evil was in her room. How? It was only a joke. Then she remembered how the mirror shook. Oh my God! Somehow I summoned something scary.

Her body twisted and her arms flailed. Help me!


Jax heard a frightened voice that sounded familiar. Megan! Where was Slag? Jax hurried to the mirror, waved his hand, and saw the tiny crack in the portal. Slag was with Megan....

He had never been through the portal unless summoned. He knew the proper protocol, but there wasn't time, Megan's life was in danger. Jax entered the portal. Slag was hovering over Megan.

"Slag, get away from her now!"

A maniacal laughter escaped Slag's throat. "Never! She summoned me, not a white ghost."

Jax lunged toward Slag and pushed him into the mirror. Slag reached for Megan, but Jax threw himself on top of her.

My handsome bridegroom?"

"Yes, I'm Jax.” He kissed her lips and took his human form.

"You're beautiful," she stammered.

Jax chuckled," so are you my beautiful Megan."

Jax reached for the mirrored portal and shattered it into a million shards.

"From this day forward I'll never leave you Megan, I promise."

'And," she placed her arms around his neck, "from this moment Jax there won't be anymore Ouija Boards or séances, only us.


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