Friday, October 12, 2012

Entry # B12

My First Time
By: J. A. Cunningham

I can remember it just like it was yesterday, it happened 16 years ago. Like they say, you never forget your first. Having studied my great-great-grandpa's diary, I knew what I was and what needed to be done. The problem was, I wasn't old enough yet, so that would have to wait. I was only sixteen, the diary stated you needed to be twenty-one. I figured I would get some practice in. I am so glad grandma gave me that diary, it explained a lot of things I had been questioning. Mom was a little pissed off when she found out grandma had given it to me, but she soon changed her attitude. Maybe I will tell you about that someday. Now where was I? Oh yeah, my first time.

Let me begin by telling you that Tyrone shouldn’t have pissed me off at school that day. In a way, this really was his fault. After school let out, I followed him home from a distance, I needed to see where he lived. Lucky for me, he did not live too far from my house. I went home afterwards to read more of the diary. I wanted to make sure I was going to be doing this right, after all it was my first time. After reassuring myself, I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. Once I was about to Tyrone's house, I figured it was a good time to get prepared. Going into the ghosting state, as the diary called it, was easier than I thought. Focusing on the thought of being transparent, it happened instantly, there was no feeling of the transition happening. The only feeling I had from it was like every hair on my body was standing up, it felt awesome. It was time to party now.

Walking around his house, I peeked in every window to see where he was, and who all was home. To my surprise, it appeared Tyrone was home alone, this was perfect. Now it was time to see if the ghosting state worked. I knocked on his door, stepping back as he opened it. Tyrone looked around; the disgusted looked on his face and the way he shut the door, told me it worked like a charm, he never saw me. This was awesome, it was like being the invisible man. I rang his doorbell next, this time when he opened the door and didn't see anyone there, he stepped out on to the porch yelling: "Whoever is messing with my door, knock it the hell off!" I took that opportunity to sneak into his house.

Once inside, I walked over to the corner of the front room. I had to make sure I was out of his way. Ghosting state is misleading, you are still a solid entity. Nothing and no one can pass through you - you were just invisible. Tyrone had returned to the couch where he was sitting when I first knocked on the door. "The movie is about to start!" He yelled. I missed seeing his guest when I peeked through the windows earlier. There was no missing her now, Samantha Bridgers, hips swinging as she walked out from the hallway. She was wearing a form fitting pink tank top, and tight as hell miniskirt that gripped every curve of her fine back side. You know I always thought she was a cheerleader, but I was wrong. Samantha joined Tyrone on the couch, snuggling up to him as they got ready to watch their movie.

I let them get just past the beginning of the movie before it was time to have some fun. I have always been able to manipulate electronics: mainly radios, TV’s, phones, and light bulbs. I focused on the TV - making small electric static wakes roll up the screen. As Tyrone tried to make adjustments through the TV and DVD settings menus, I increased the amount of static to the point of producing a strong buzzing sound. It sounded like the noise you get when you put a cellphone by older TV’s and PC monitors, only more intense. Tyrone turned the TV off and then back on again thinking he fixed it. That was until I overloaded the projector bulb to the point that it blew. You should have seen both of them jump, oh it was too good.

With the TV out of commission, Tyrone and Samantha headed back to his room. Of course I followed. I waited for them to undress each other before leaving the room. I went to the front door, knocking on it several times. Tyrone came running out with a blanket wrapped around him, peeking through the peephole before opening the door. “For crying out loud, who the hell keeps messing with my door?” He bellowed, slamming the door shut. As he turned to rush back to the bedroom, I stuck my foot out causing him to trip. He looked so confused as he got back up, looking around trying to figure out what tripped him. Man this was too fun.

I could hear them going at it in the bedroom as I made my way to the kitchen to knock over a vase of flowers sitting on the table. Man, the words that came out of his mouth when he heard the glass break, I could hear them all the way from the bedroom. I kept this going for a while: breaking things, knocking things over, you know typical haunting stuff.

Samantha went to take a shower and Tyrone got out his dads handgun, ‘To protect her.’ That’s what he said anyway. While he made his trip around the house looking for the cause of all the commotion, I made my way to the shower to see Samantha. I allowed myself to refract the light causing a shadow to be cast on the shower curtain. Samantha giggled playfully as she pulled back the curtain. Her giggled faded when she saw that nobody was there. I waited for her to pull it shut again before casting my shadow once more. She quickly flung the curtain open hoping to catch Tyrone on the other side. Again, there was nobody. Before she shut the curtain again, I reached out squeezing both her breasts. Her scream was freaking loud, but I expected that. Tyrone came running to her, gun in hand.

Before I continue, one of our other powers is the ability to make someone see whatever we want them to see. I have only played with this once, and it takes a lot of energy to do at my age. Speaking of energy, this ghosting effect takes quite a bit as well, the dairy said: one who is not fully manifested must feed immediately after prolonged use. Let’s just say, I was feeling the power drain. Alright, back to where I was.

Tyrone came flying in to the bathroom, gun in hand. Samantha jumped from the tub hurrying to get to him. As she wrapped her arms around him in fright, Tyrone shoved her away. “What the hell are you?” he screamed as Samantha tried to approach him again. “Stay the hell back or I will shoot!” Samantha tried to tell him it was her, he never heard a word she said as he pulled the trigger, killing the hideous monster that was coming at him.

As he stood there breathing heavy with fright, I released the vision I had given him. You should have seen how quickly he dropped to his knees when he saw that he shot Samantha. Man, did he turn pail. I didn’t know a dark skinned person could turn that white. “What the hell is going on?” he cried “Samantha, what have I done?” I let him cry for a minute before reaching down, putting my hand on his shoulder. He quickly jerked away about falling over. “Who the hell is in here?” he asked with a shaky voice.

“BOO!” I hollered as I released the ghosting state.

“Eli…” Is all he got out. I frightened him so bad he passed out, hitting the floor.

It was time to feast. The diary said it would come naturally, man, it was right. As I rolled him onto his back, I could feel the demonic instincts kicking in. The nails on my fingers grew long, thick and sharp. Instinctively, I thrust my hand at his chest, ripping through his skin, breaking his ribs and sternum as I grabbed and ripped out his still beating heart. Holding it in my hands and watching it beat, I had never felt more alive. As I feasted on his heart and soul, I could feel it replenishing my spent energy. The feeling of taking ones soul is un-describable, but so enjoyable. 

That is the story of my first time. The first soul feast, first kill, first haunting, and first time that I, Eli Rye ‘The Soul Eater’, truly felt alive.

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