Entry # 6

Beyond Belief
Yezall Strongheart
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2012

The blackness of the asylum surrounded her as day after pitiful day she looked out of the window at a world full of color.
“I’m not crazy,” She murmured to herself, “it’s real…”
They counseled her and medicated her but to no avail.  “She’ll die here.”  She heard the nurses’ whisper among themselves.
Dr. Melville entered her room, “Betsy, come away from the window and talk to me.”
The sound of his voice startled her and she flattened herself against the wall opposite him.  “Nooooo….Nooooo.” she turned her head away.
Dr. Melville’s demeanor changed; he became angry.  He rose from his chair and smiling sweetly to the nurses in the hall, “I think we are having a break though.”  He whispered.  The nurses turned to each other and smiled.  He closed the door to Betsy’s room, locking it.
Turning from the closed door Dr. Melville quickly crossed the room to Betsy.  “You do such a great job convincing them you’re nuts!” he barked at her.  “Don’t you see you’re just making it soooo easy for me?”  He laughed sardonically.
“Who would believe me...no one…it’s unbelievable….and now you have me trapped here!”  Betsy cried with her head down.
“Well, it's too bad little Betsy, you are mine now.  You better get used to it...”  He stormed to the door and then paused, smiling, “I’ll see you later.”  As he leaves, he merely shakes his head at the nurse’s hopeful glances.  Their expressions turned sad and they go about their business.
Betsy turned back to the window, tears in her eyes.  Knowing she is doomed to repeat the same scenario every night until the end of time.  For the first few months, when her parents still came to see her, she tried to tell them what was going on here.  Dr. Melville had planned carefully; however, they believed it was only part of her delusion.  It was no comfort, but she knew she wasn't the only one.  The patients were not allowed out of their rooms to associate with others on their own; it was like a prison.  She knew because when they gathered in the evening, she saw the terror in their faces, they weren't crazy either
The drugs he prescribed for her fatigue, made her hallucinate at times.  That was only to help prove to her parents she needed to be institutionalized.  Now that she was under his control, Betsy was right where he wanted her.
The day started to wane and darkness was blocking her view.  She could see the nurses leaving for the day and the “night crew” arriving.  She shuddered.  They looked normal; no one would ever guess the hell that would soon be unleashed.
The dinner they gave her was left untouched.  Betsy sought to starve herself to end her life.  Even she knew that if it got too bad they would feed her intravenously.  She looked at the tray and flipped it upside down onto the floor.
Someone Betsy had never seen before rushed into the room, “What’s all that racket in here?”  A small woman dressed like a nurse stands with her hands on her hips, looking at the mess on the floor.
Betsy stared at her through slitted eyes, “Who are you?”
The nurse smiled, “I’m new here, name's Sandy.”  She reached out her hand expecting Betsy to shake her hand.  When Betsy doesn’t, she slowly draws it back.  “What’s wrong?”
Betsy eyed her for a moment and then said, “Do you know what goes on here after dark, Sandy?”
Sandy looked confused, “I’m not sure what you mean…”  Nurse Sandy backs away slowly; it was obvious she was afraid Betsy might become violent.
Betsy looks at her wide-eyed saying softly, “Then you aren’t one of them… you should run while you can Sandy, run fast!”
Sandy backed toward the door, “I sure will, Miss, I sure will.”  With that, she exited the door closing the door behind her. 
It was clear to Betsy the woman thought she was insane.  It was almost time to begin.  Betsy knelt down and prayed to die.  The lights went out in the entire building.  Betsy could hear screaming and scuffling.  She knew she had nowhere to go, but she screamed and ran when they came for her. 
Restraining her and drugging her to make her more compliant, they took her by the arm down the hallway.  There were others in front of her and more behind.  She could hear the familiar chaotic music now, and the shrieking and wailing.  The bowels of hell had opened and they were about to enter.
Even in her drugged state, the abhorrent sexual scenes that assaulted her eyes sickened Betsy, knowing she would be a part of it soon.  Entering the auditorium in the center of the building, it was filled to capacity with the people who pretended to be caring doctors and nurses during the day.  They escorted the patients into the room droves to take part in their unholy acts.  Betsy numbly followed those in front of her.  From bits of conversation she overheard, it appeared this was a special night. 
She stopped long enough to see Dr. Melville, wearing nothing but ram horns on his head, standing at the head of the room.  He freely fondled men and women alike and danced suggestively as they passed him.  Betsy could not believe how some of these people actually seemed to be enjoying themselves.  As she was touched, and her clothes were removed, she screamed inside her body, and denied them permission.  On the outside, she stood and blankly allowed them to do as they pleased.
 It was all part of the “ceremony” during which someone would be murdered.  Looking up to the altar, Betsy could only say, “I warned you, Sandy”   The new nurse lay naked and sprawled, restrained by leather straps.  Sandy writhed and screamed, as those that attended her caressed her with knives.
The music suddenly stopped.  Dr. Melville walked towards the altar.  The only sound in the room was Sandy's voice pleading for her life, and her screams.  Her last scream pierced the air like a rocket, and then her blood flowed.  As it ran to the edge of the altar and spilled, it was caught by goblets.
A very large goblet encrusted with rubies, emeralds and diamonds was filled to the brim and handed to Dr. Melville.  He drank from the goblet, throwing his head back, and when he finished, he smiled and said, "Happy All Hallow's Eve!  Let the fun begin!" 


  1. Like like!! Great short story and I agree it would be fun to read much more :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. A really super story, Yez. This could open another genre for you as a horror writer.

  4. Okay, let me slowly come out from underneath my blanket to see if it is safe. Good.
    I love this story very much and would like to see more, even though it send me screaming! excellent job!

  5. This is it - the 5th time in to leave a message - since I am using my son's computer due to malfunction of my own and the refusal of using my google account has made it almost as scary as your story which was a fantastic, King-like build up of fear overtaking the reader as they exit the story. This has not only affirmed my being leery of certain doctors but now I have a need to sleep with the lights turned on.

  6. Great piece of work, Yezall. I loved the "caressed her with knives..." description. Cheers.

  7. My last comment was deleted because I was anonymous, here we go again: I MUST have more of this story!! I am ensnared by this story from word one and that's an impressive feat for a writer to master. Yezall is an extremely talented writer with obvious intellect and creativity; and she's able to convey her words to paper in a way that so few can. She has put her spell on me, that's for sure! I crave more of her writing as I do my morning coffee each day. Kudos ma'am, kudos.


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