Entry # 13

The Dark Gift
By: Corinna Marie Hypes
© 5 October 2003

Black as the darkest of inks midnight
His silhouette is carved from shadow
Provoking is his soft whisper of death
As it calls to me, so husky and hallow

Restless, is my deepest slumber
Visions graphic, tormenting my head
Enticing, they allure and seemingly beckon
Cunning is his persuasion steadfast at my bed

His touch is the tempest of broken wings
Caressing, fulfilling, and so utterly sensual
Inhabiting my very souls pliable essence
My submission to him is clearly essential

Hands as cold as winter's frigid wind
A dead heart that doesn't conceive
His hunger is evident upon my hot flesh
At this dark gift I'm about to receive

Mine eyes awaken in bewilderment
To behold this demon of eternal night
His eyes, dark pits of seducing power
Tis resigningly useless, my will can't fight

A soft sigh unknowingly escapes my lips
His gaze hypnotic and lulling my senses
My barriers torn down and unguarded
Leaving my spirit without usual defenses

I willingly invite him into my loving arms
Regret and doubt, of this I have none
No tears escape for that was to be
Nor do they cry for loss of warmth’s sun

His breathe upon my soft silken skin
Preludes to his razor sharp kiss
Mine obsolete, in anticipation I hold
I have no illusions, just solace from this

As his smile confirms my converging destiny
Realization then strikes heavy my heart
What if I should die before I should awake?
Twill be unavailing, no memories to part

His mind pushes into my open thoughts
Alleviating and answering all questions and fear
My faith be strong, his strength a beckon
I cling to his aura as his chiseled face draws near

Long sinewy fingers, they entangle my hair
Baring my neck as lips press to flesh unyielding
His long slender teeth penetrate deep and true
Pleasure and pain merge to the climax building

Mine heart beats profoundly as he intently drains
The life of this warm body still yet existing
As his mouth devours weary, my mortal soul
I grow weaker from his presence nonresisting

Peace and contentment, I feel such temporal things
Slipping into complete oblivion and serenity
Only to be thrust back into the drowning light
Tasting the blood upon my lips from my devil entity

Grasping his shoulders as mine mouth pulls deep
The source of his giving life from his veins
I know only the need to survive in this world
Or be lost forever in this world so insane

Almost desperately he removes me from him
Least I draw him down into the damning abyss
With eyes anew, I beseech instantly my surroundings
As my old body dies and rises into immortal bliss

An unfamiliar hunger unsatedly pulsates to life
Driving me forward into the sultry night air
Like the guiding and dutiful parent to his child
He takes mine hand and leads me toward my fare

Intense is his delight in unabashed taking
Of the unwittingly victims who dareth cross path
Before the night fades to various shades of light
I learned my lesson well, and seek to deal my wrath

His lair is deep within the earths confine
Escorting me into its depths, his coffin amidst
He lays me down upon satin sheets of old
As mine eyes close, his body close as I did insist

As the sunlight escapes and night recaptures its soul
We rise to greet the inanimate shadows forlorn
The moonlight before us, the world at our call
To heed this timeless dark gift of nature’s reborn


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