Bonus # 3


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“Bear with me. I’m new at this!”
“I am standing outside her house. She’s inside. About an hour now. Can’t see her! Going to the back.”
“ In the back yard now. No shades! Yay! She’s watching TV. Looks like she’s wearing a t-shirt and sweats.
She still looks hot. Lol!”
Guess what I’m carrying?

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went upstairs.
I’m putting on the mask. Feels weird.
Tonight’s disguise.... Comedy!
{picture attached}
I have rope and a hammer. It’s going to get messy/
She left the back door open! Didn’t even need the key!
{picture/kitchen attached
Drinking OJ! LOL!!

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She’s in the shower Can’t see her right now.
I’m already hard! Feel free to Re-Tweet!!
In her closet now. Nice shoes biatch! LOL!
{picture attached}
Next time I’ll shut down the electricity. That will be different!
{Direct Tweet} Seeker@EmmaT Hi! Guess who??
{Direct Tweet} EmmaT@Seeker Idk. Who are you?? J

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Looks like I might be going viral! LOL! My fans!
You people are funny.
Still in the closet. She’s in bed. Hot!
{picture attached}
Don’t worry guys. This is only a game Feel better? LOL
I think she’s sleeping.
Time to play.

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I took off my pants Made a little noise but she’s still sleeping. Yay!
Guess where I’m standing now ??
{picture attached}

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Oops. Forgot to turn off the flash! She’s still snoozing though!
Going to move the blanket
oh Man! She’s naked! T-shirt and muff! Sweeeeeet!
{picture attached}
Sigh. Hammer time. Guess she was a light sleeper. Not anymore! lol!
Moved her head. Doesn’t look so bad now.
{picture attached}
She feels awesome. And still breathing. Yum!
That was intense!! I came like a hurricane. Still Hard!!
Hey hey hey hey. It was the DNA!
Hey hey hey hey That made me this way!
LOL! NO DNA TODAY! (Galoshes)
Guess I better get going.
She Tivo’ed “Project Runway” I LOVE that show. Lol
Doesn’t she look hot in my mask. Check it out.
Took her phone. Just in case.
{direct tweet} wildman@seeker What time?!
{direct tweet} scareys@seeker You didn't use the rope. And yes you can upload video!
{direct tweet} Linalina@seeker You're a sick fuck.
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