To My Unknown Friends…. Happy is he who...writes from the love of imparting certain thoughts and not from the necessity of sale-who writes always to the unknown friend. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

 I am a writer, though I would never aspire to be an author. It is a term that seems far above what I do. Which is to say that I write so that the stories in my head quite down a bit so that I can navigate my life.

Last October I wrote a Halloween themed Flash Fiction piece called “Lykaia”. The story evolved from the Greek Myth of King Lykaonas who was cursed by Zeus to become a wolf. The very first werewolf. In fact the term Lycanthropy comes from this myth.

In November I entered Lykaia into the National Novel Writers Month contest or NaNoWriMo. I finished the book just before Christmas at around 83,000 words. I then took the finished novel and uploaded it to Authonomy in January. It was selected in March for the editor’s desk.

A couple of weeks ago I began the submission process. And after speaking with several publishers on the phone and reviewing a few contracts I chose to go with Spore Press. They are a small press but ultimately they are the ones that seemed most excited about my book. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

This story, that was just an exercise in a new genre, has grown into a full length book, and now into a series. Dr. Sophia Katsaros is a fun character to write. She is intelligent, witty and quick on her feet with a wry sense of humor. What more could you want in a heroine?

And so I am pleased to announce that Lykaia will be available in e-book and print in time for Halloween. I hope that you will enjoy going on this journey with Dr. Kat as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I will be sure to keep everyone posted. Until then, my unknown friend, happy reading.


Statement from Spore Press:
Signed three book deal with Sharon Van Orman for her series of thrilling books that span the 5,000 year history of lycans: beginning with Zeus cursing King Lykaonas of Arcadia and his fifty sons, their histories, the secret religious society that has looked after the lycan since the beginning, and the modern female protagonist who is threatening to expose it all. I called her the minute I finished the first read through and told her we had to have her books. It is that good. We will be rearranging the schedule to get this out in June.

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  1. Congratulations!!! Lykaia is a super book and I know it will be huge!


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